In the midst of the deep darkness of this Pandemic, the light has shined giving us some extraordinary moments of hope, peace, love, joy and faith. Have you experienced the light yourself? As a Good Sam Church, we want to capture some of those moments and put them in a book. Will you share yours? Just write what is on your heart and send it to me at In the subject line please put: Where the light has shined in my/our life.

We will get through this very hard time…together! We will have gained insight, learned lessons, found deeper love and gratitude, experienced faith and the unimaginable joy in the midst of great sadness and sorrow. We will look back on this period of our history together and celebrate that God and our brothers and sisters at Good Sam were with us plus so many others who are praying for us specifically but also including us as they pray for the whole world family.

Andrea Leininger



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