Good Sam’s is hosting a Multicultural Music Workshop featuring Ana Hernandez on Saturday, November 2 from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at Harris Academy in Brownsburg.

In this workshop, we will practice deep listening to facilitate relationships across lines of difference, find/build our collective voice, and enable us to step into the flow of the larger community. Learn to play together and be transformed. Say “Yes!” to the Spirit, walk in love, leave fear and judgement behind,  and develop a community of practice through the shared creation of sound and silence. We will listen to and notice the spirit within, reclaim the joy of group learning by rote, utilize repetition, and engage our oft ignored ability to harmonize on the spot.

With simple chants and global songs, we’ll move from contemplative practice to a grounded activism, during this day of transformation and deep fun. Sing your way to your sweetest identity, individually and collectively, each person open to sharing more of who they are becoming, and confident that the spiritual work they do to become their best selves will be honored and be integrated into the larger community. There will be singing, drumming, movement, and group improvisation (Yes You Can!)–all of which will leave your community with more tools to invite, encourage, and include absolutely everyone. Go into the world and rejoice in the power of the spirit!

Come experience how singing and music can connect and grow community across cultures and differences. Ana is a theomusicologist and occasional song leader with Music That Makes Community and the Poor People’s Campaign. She’s a collector of short songs and chant tunes for all ages, sorts, and conditions. Sign up here.


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