Lent is a period of reflection and preparation, an opportunity to focus on our relationships with God and with others.  The forty days of Lent remind us of the difficult forty days Jesus spent in the desert pondering who he was and what he was here to do. Our Lenten Spiritual Reflection group is a chance to go into the desert with Jesus, exploring who we are in God and what we are here to do.  It is also a chance to look at the “hard stuff” that Jesus faced and the trials we go through in our own lives. We’ll have the chance to reflect on how we might use the hard times to grow in our relationship with God and in our strength. We may also explore spend some time with issues relevant to parents, if this seems appropriate, including helping make sense of the “hard stuff” in our kids’ lives.

Our reflection group will meet at the Harris Academy library from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. on four Wednesdays during Lent: March 13, March 20, April 10, and April 17. There will be a children’s Lenten Series running at the very same time (see below). We’ll begin with supper together and end our time in prayer. All are welcome to join! If you’re interested, get in touch with our co-leaders, Ann Lovko (annlovko@hotmail.com) and Erica Ridderman (erica@churchthatserves.wpstagecoach.com). Newcomers welcome!




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