It is with great excitement that we announce that Erina Ludwig is joining the staff of Good Samaritan as our Director of Youth Ministry!

Erina is originally from London, U.K., but just recently became an American citizen. She spent her twenties volunteering as a youth leader in her local church. She brings with her eclectic work experience from youth ministry in London to teaching, to writing about social justice, to assisting in church music. Her experiences offer a diverse readiness for youth ministry with us. In her work as a youth leader, she learned how to be a guide to teens and an ear for them, whether they were dealing with self-esteem issues, homelessness, or how do come to terms with family life after their parents’ divorce.

“I find young people both fascinating and still able to teach me how much our love and confidence in them is what can make all the difference,” she says.

At her heart, she is a writer. In 2011, she authored Unnoticed Neighbors: A pilgrimage into the Social Justice storya subject still very close to her heart. In her book, she shares anecdotes and real-life tips on how we can be a real part of our communities and help them thrive. In this way, she brings to Good Sam’s a perfect blend of passion for and experience with young people and a heart for serving others.

While we encountered several high-quality candidates in our search for this position, it was the intersection of these two gifts that made Erina’s candidacy the right fit for our congregation. I give thanks to Tim Kerstein, Heidi Morris-Cass, Nanci Slagle, The Rev. Yvonne Brandenburg, Lara Dreyer, and Barbie Russell, who served on our search committee. Erina’s first Sunday with us is this Sunday, December 1. Please join me in welcoming her aboard a great ministry team!



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