Please join one of our “Cottage Conversations” to re-engage and discuss our ideas for the Village Hub. If you are unfamiliar with our “Village Hub”, you can learn more about it on our website, here. We have chosen several dates to meet, and one is even a ZOOM call for the convenience of those of us who don’t want to […]
When David Huang and I were asked by the Bishop’s Committee to coordinate and assist the five Next Step Teams, I felt honored and a little intimidated. The team chiefs had all been involved with the strategic planning committee last year and had already shown their expertise. Their roles now are the following: Program (finding not-for-profit partners) – Ellen Burton […]
Each week, we’re sharing updates from our Next Steps Teams, who are continuing to meet and work virtually even during Social Distancing. Our Building Team has already begun developing a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for architects to submit design proposals later this year for an approximately 20,000 square foot building for our village hub concept on the 56th Street property. […]
Good Samaritan’s strategic planning group has recently completed the following as we develop a plan for meeting and worshipping when our lease at Harris Academy expires in August 2021: We conducted a congregational listening/brainstorming gathering on May 5, with more than 85 in attendance, which generated many creative ideas. We completed a professional demographics analysis of Brownsburg, Avon, and the Eagle Creek […]