Join Revs. Jim and Amy as we journey towards the cross with a cast of characters often swept to the margins of our Scripture accounts. Adults and children who crossed expected boundaries of ethnicity, gender expectations, and social status were all a part of Jesus’ story. This Lent, join us as we bring some of these hidden figures from Jesus’ passion narrative out from the shadows and study their role and place in the biblical story and how they might serve as models or inspiration for our own journeys with Jesus today.
March 1 – Woman with the Perfume (Matthew 26:6-13)
March 8 – Man with the Water (Mark 14:12-16)
March 15 – Girl in the Courtyard (Mark 14:53-72)
March 22 – Simon of Cyrene (Matthew 27:32)
March 29 – Women of Jerusalem and Galilee (Luke 23:27-31; Mark 15:40-41)
**Note: Several of these stories are drawn from the book Abject Bodies in the Gospel of Mark by Manuel Villalobos Mendoza (Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix, 2017. Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix, 2017). No outside reading is required in order to participate in the Bible Study, but this book might be an excellent resource for anyone wanting to “dig deeper” into these texts.
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