While 2020 has taken us on a wild roller coaster ride, we as a community that loves, serves, and includes all people have experienced unexpected faith during these unexpected times. After all, who could have predicted seven months ago, we’d be engaging in thoughtful reflection questions each Sunday via Zoom, serving our neighbors through porch drops and from folding tables set up in parking lots, and gathering in each other’s driveways for socially-distant conversations about our spiritual lives?  In all things, the people of Good Samaritan are resilient, and we say to 2020: Hallelujah, Anyway!

As we begin our Stewardship Season in October, we’ll be spending some time each week in our sermons reflecting on how we live out spiritual values of gratitude and joy, even in the face of so many challenges and obstacles. As Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the whole Anglican church recently said, “It is this gospel joy, even in the darkest times, that alone can help us through this crisis, bringing hope and an eternal perspective to the very pressing trials of the moment.”

We hope you’ll join us in saying Hallelujah, Anyway to 2020 by joining in our October Driveway Gatherings to explore Anne LaMott’s book, Hallelujah Anyway! Rediscovering Mercy. (See below to sign up.) You’ll also be hearing from your fellow Good Samaritans in the coming weeks in Facebook videos as they share why they say Hallelujah, Anyway to 2020. And, plan to participate in our Celebration Sunday Parade of Gratitude on Sunday, November 1st at 12 noon at Harris Academy parking lot.



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