During our online hangouts, our Good Sam’s Kids have been studying the Psalms. This past week, they worked together and wrote their own psalm! As you read it, keep in mind that these kids are only in 1st-4th grades. They are true disciples!

God, I look out and see your beautiful world that you created.
I see the green grass,
I see houses that give shelter.
I see friends, and ways to have fun together with my family.
Squirrels run along the fence and bunny rabbits dart in search of blossoms.
Even the dandelion sings your glory.
I am happy that I am alive in this world with you and together with one another.
Your love fills up all parts of me.
I lie down in the grass, and the warmth of the sun embraces me.
The creatures you created fill me up with love and joy and it makes me really think that this is a wonderful world.
When the storm comes, you are not gone.
When I get scared, I know you are nearby.
When I feel frustrated, I breathe in your peace.
When the darkness comes, the sun also rises in the morning.
God, as my mother and my father in heaven you have blessed me with a loving family, friends in my life to support me, and my pets to give me comfort.
With your blessings, I have a safe place to sleep at night, food to keep me nourished and healthy, and a strong imagination to create something unique to share with your world.
God, your love is so great for me and for the world.
Your Holy Spirit lives in me, Lord.
Through all the things that you do for me, let me live them out in the world.
Help me send your love to the world and say yes to life in you.
I say yes to God!

A psalm of Gabe, Abby, Joshua, Yvonne & Barbie



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