As a Church That Serves and a Church Without Walls (literally!) right now, our community needs Good Sam’s gifts and presence more than ever before. Last week, we shifted our outreach budget to be ready to address critical needs of our community now and in the days to come. We have been serving our neighbors through Family Promise of Hendricks County with our Project Porch Drop, and have many members sewing masks and gowns to help keep our local healthcare workers safe.


There are two ways to create the pattern:  One is to scale it up from the gridded pattern and draw a full size pattern on wrapping or craft paper: each square = 2”.  The other is to print out the pdf and tape the pieces together into a full scale pattern.  There are also directions included and information on fabric selection.

Please feel free to email Wendy Meaden if you are having trouble with the pattern or construction. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help or make this clearer.

Finished garments should be folded and put in a plastic bag, and shipped to:

Without A Gown
456 N. Meridian St, suite 441250
Indianapolis, IN 46244

Isolation Gown
Isolation Gown Scale pattern
Isolation Gown_layout_full scale
Isolation Gown_Pattern_full scale
Mask Dome pattern
Surgical Mask Pattern



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