Okay, so you can name the woman who would not give up her bus seat. You can recite parts of the “I Have a Dream” speech, and maybe you’ve watched the movie, “The Help”. Time to get on the bus and go deeper. We’re reading and discussing March Books One and Two by Congressman John Lewis. The graphic novel formats depict the bravery of the Freedom Riders, 1961-65, and the cruelty of those who opposed civil rights legislation. When the March book study met in late 2018, we heard comments such as, “I didn’t know…They didn’t teach me this…But I’m a college graduate!” You can preview the book online. The books may be appropriate for your student, grades 5 and above, if you want to have a family read. The books can be brutally honest in the retelling of this violent time in U.S. history. Questions? Contact Deb, Erin, or Lara. Book discussions are at 9:00 a.m. in the Harris Library on Sundays, Jan. 5,12, and 19. We’ll have final review on Sunday, February 2. Sign up by emailing Astrid.



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