Good Sam’s Kids

Youth-Led Sunday

#ChurchThatIsIntergenerational This coming Sunday (April 29, 2018), our service will be led by our Youth and Kids from preaching the word to ushering and everything in-between. Parents: stay tuned for updates from Barbie and Erina! Come and show our support to the younger ones in our community.

Calling All the Saints!

Calling All Saints to Good Samaritan! Sunday, Nov. 5 is a special celebration in recognition of ALL Saints, the everyday saints and the patron saints. The kids of Good Samaritan have been practicing a special song to share with the congregation during the Offertory, and we are inviting them to dress for the occasion. We…

Good Sam’s Kids Holy Week & Easter Activities

Sunday, April 9, 10:00 a.m. – Palm Sunday is the day we remember Jesus’s triumphal arrival in Jerusalem. Help prepare the way for Jesus by laying a path of cloaks and palm leaves as we make our way into the building. After the service, we will decorate butterflies and Allelu—oops! (Almost said it too soon!) We will use these…