Growing Courageous Neighbors

The people of Good Samaritan are entering a year-long exploration of how we can grow as neighbors, especially as reconcilers and healers around issues of race and ethnicity. We are all journeying together to examine our own biases, privileges, and stories of race and ethnicity, to think about how we can take helpful next steps to listen to the stories of people of many backgrounds and perspectives, and to grow in our faith as we strive toward God’s dream of beloved community. There are no experts in this work, and we are all students, all with something new to learn, try, or ponder. Our work is supported by a generous Formative Power of Your Congregation grant from the Indiana Center for Congregations.

Listen & Learn: Guest Preachers, Speakers & Musicians

Read, Listen & Discuss: Study Groups

Mobile Library For All Ages

Workshops/One Day Experiences

Harris, Alpha & Good Sam’s

Civil Rights Pilgrimage

Download our entire Growing Courageous Neighbors Program Overview.