Good Sam’s Youth: 7th grade and higher

Good Samaritan has a great youth group for Middle and High Schoolers! We meet for Formation classes every other Sunday morning at 11a.m.; catch up on what’s been happening in our lives; sometimes play a game, and then get into our Christian Formation class.  

The schedule for the month looks like this:

1 #churchthatserves Harris Academy Erina Ludwig
2 Who is God?: Echo the story Harris Academy Library Amy Dobbs & Nan Miller
3 #churchthatserves Harris Academy Erina Ludwig
4 Who am I?: Lessons That Work/Faith Lens Harris Academy Library Tim Grino & Rowan Squire-Willey
5 Youth-led Sunday Harris Academy Gym All

* Which Youth leader teaches is subject to change, due to scheduling conflicts. In case a 2nd leader cannot be found, Erina Ludwig will stand in.

Weeks 1 + 3 we join with the community to participate in our church’s outreach and service projects after worship.

Weeks 2 + 4 we have Formation class where we follow curriculums: Echo the Story (a look at who God is through interactive bible study) and Faith Lens (a look at who am I? through a weekly blog of reflection and discussion).

Our youth group also partners closely to Brownsburg High School Equality Alliance Club, has welcomed esteemed guest speakers like activist Lauren Easterling, for a Trans 101 talk; makes trips to the movie theater for topical and breakthrough movies like ‘Love, Simon’ and ‘The Hate U Give’ – which lead to great conversations.  The Youth group also enjoy regular visits to Waycross for hangouts with other Episcopal youth from all over Central and Southern Indiana. Our own Jeffrey Dreyer is on this year’s Episcopal Youth Steering Committee, who are behind Youth retreats.

For our 2020 Youth Timetable click here.

Good Sam’s Youth Group Ethos

We believe that the Youth Group at Good Samaritans is very much so a part of the core church congregation, and not a separate entity.

In the same way Good Samaritan’s foundational mission is: a church without walls, where all are welcome; our youth groups are being built on the same ideals.

Our youth groups: Explorers, Middle School and High School groups have been created to give ample room and space for our young people to grow deeper in their faith and to address the everyday challenges of identity and self-esteem as an adolescent.

During weeks 1 and 3 our youth will participate in youth-focused #churchthatserves projects, under the guidance of their leaders and Lucy Karam. Weeks 2 and 4 will be for Formation classes, whilst the occasional week 5 will be for Youth-led Sundays.

Curricula have been chosen that reflect those journeys and encourage these young minds to remain curious and engaged.

A team of wonderfully enthusiastic and well-versed volunteers have stepped forward,  gone through Safeguard training and are ready to build relationships with our youth and share lessons that will hopefully remain with them as they grow and mature.

All of these youth groups are exciting new opportunities coming out of requests from our Good Samaritan parents  and the growing need of our congregation; and we need your assistance to see them thrive. Whether it be in volunteering with groups (that your own children are not in); preparing food for events and meetings or chaperoning; every little is deeply felt and appreciated and will go a long way into making the groups sustainable.

As our youth build their faith and characters, we hope they will also find respite, rest and security in these Youth groups in a time when the world feels like it has turned in on itself and can feel deeply overwhelming.