Good Samaritan kids have a promise:
We will use our hands to serve. We will love our neighbors as ourselves. We will respect the dignity of ALL people.

Good Sam’s Kids: Pre-K to 5th Grade

To practice living our promise (above), our children are invited to start their worship with the whole church. While sitting with other Good Sam’s Kids and their teachers, they keep busy with relevant activity bulletins. We expect some whispers and noises from this group of little people, which in the Episcopal Church is referred to as welcomed joyful noise.

After singing a hymn or two and hearing the Scripture passages of the day, the kids exit the worship space with our music director and have a special music lesson. Then they are led in saying prayers for the people before rejoining worship at the Peace to prepare for Communion. All children are invited to come up to the altar and literally be a part of the Communion.

After Communion, they once again exit worship and begin their lesson for the week. We always strive to make lessons tangible for these little ones, so after the reading, we retell the story at their level while they share a snack. This is followed up with a hands-on art project. We then use our lesson to inspire our weekly service project. This may be something small that we complete in the classroom, or something bigger that we rejoin the grown ups to complete.

By the end of our worship time together, we have lived up to our promise through serving, loving our neighbors and respecting all.