Good Samaritan kids have a promise:
We will use our hands to serve. We will love our neighbors as ourselves. We will respect the dignity of ALL people.

Good Sam’s Kids: 1st to 4th Grade

Good Sam’s Kids meet every Sunday at 10 am, with extended gathering times after church on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. We take time out of class to join the church for Communion and baptisms, where we are able to see everything front and center. Following the Weaving God’s Promises Episcopal curriculum, we not only hear the bible stories, but we also take time for thoughtful wonderings about the story, along with an activity to help make them remember the story. Good Sam’s Kids are also learning the liturgical practices of our church through setting the altar, sharing prayers, learning creeds, and practicing traditional call and response used during worship. Our Kids also participate in the Building Faith Brick by Brick Lego series where they recreate the bible story they’ve just heard into their own unique Lego creations.


Ms. Sarah
Ms. Charlee
Mr. Ben
Mr. Steven
Ms. Tina
Ms. Barbie