Strategic Plan

The strategic planning team is charged with helping Good Samaritan develop a solid, sustainable plan for moving to a regular gathering space/place when our Harris Academy lease ends in August 2021. As of September 2019, team members have completed the following tasks as part of their work:

  • Exploring/Evaluating Possible Locations: Obtained a real estate appraisal; verified zoning for the eight-acre parcel  on 56th Street owned by the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis and held in trust for Good Samaritan’s possible use, discovering it is part of a PUD, zoned as “church”; and examined alternate spaces to rent in Brownsburg (the only current space that meets our needs and that is zoned appropriately is in Avon and rents for an estimated $110,000 annually, including the “triple net” expenses of insurance, taxes, maintenance.) 
  • Reviewed research data from a firm called FaithXFaithX helps new congregations like ours determine their “ideal” location by providing insights on important demographics. The research verified that the eight acres along 56th Street is in a great location to pull people from a 15-minute drive time.
  • Talked with dozens of community leaders about community needs. Included were discussions with a number of faith leaders and community resource leaders, exploring potential collaborative opportunities. In addition, we have talked with our outreach partners about space needs that they might have if we build on 56th Street.
  • Surveyed the neighborhoods surrounding the 8-acre parcel on 56th Street. These are the interests/needs mentioned most often by residents of these neighborhoods: “Healthy food option” (potential farmer’s market at the church?), “Community center”, “Arts activities”
  • Discussed a variety of ways to generate alternative revenue streams (beyond congregational giving) if we move to a new facility on 56th Street. We are continuing to explore creating a space that could be used to meet other community and/or neighborhood needs, especially those that celebrate some of life’s key transitions (e.g. weddings, funerals). We are cognizant that as we explore options, we will need to stay within the guidelines of what is permitted under the zoning designation for “church.” (Retail offerings, for example, would not be acceptable options.)

The team remains on track to deliver its final recommendation to the Bishop’s Committee by December 31, 2019.

Members of the planning team include: Mary Kerstein, Ellen Burton, Brian Dixon, Lara Dreyer, Karen Farmer, David Huang, Steven Kellermeyer, Josh Morehead, Kevin Samples.

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