Our worship is liturgical, meaning our service is planned out in advance and offers intentional rhythms of prayer, song, silence, and spoken words shared between the priest and the people, all as an offering to God. We all participate together and share in God’s presence in our midst.

A simple worship bulletin will guide you through the service, even if you’ve never been to a church like Good Samaritan.

Our style is a blend of old and new. We are rooted in ancient, sacred traditions, but we also seek to bring a fresh perspective to these traditions. We read the Bible, sing old and new hymns, hear a sermon, and pray together. We share in Holy Communion every week. All are warmly welcome to come to God’s table to share in the gifts of bread and wine, regardless of your religious background. (Kids have a vital role to play in our worship. Take a look at Good Samaritan Kids to see how they participate, too!)

All are welcome to come to God’s table.