We are marking Spring’s return with time together and reflecting on a busy winter (but hopefully with moments of reflection). Last weekend, Good Samaritan’s Youth group went to Waycross for the Youth Spring Retreat and learned about not losing hope in times of failure, whilst this week I will be meeting with parents for our quarterly check in. We’ve had game hang outs, roller skating socials, and just joining together for formation class (the second and fourth Sundays of the month) and service projects (first and third Sundays). Good Samaritan’s Youth Group has been lucky enough to have not just one, but three new leaders join us since we started back last summer: Nan Miller, Kevin Poorman and Rowan Squire-Willey. Each person brings such a wealth of experience, exciting ideas and a way of connecting with our youth: where they’re at. Check out our calendar or feel free to grab me to talk in a bit more detail about what we do.

-Erina Ludwig, Director of Youth Ministries



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